We offer an extensive range of bespoke ecological solutions. These are offered in four main sections: food production, water, systems, animal systems and waste & fertility. We have analysed these solutions for their suitability for different sites, from small gardens to yards and roof gardens through to hospitals and parks.
Our design service will help you to decide which of these solutions is right for you and meets you or your groups needs: whether it’s transforming unused public greenspace into a community orchard or creating a highly intensive garden in a yard. We offer support, training and resources for all of our solutions and client, to help ensure your new system will flourish.

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    Micro Forest Garden

    A condensed version of the standard forest garden above. ~Highly space efficient. Options include one or two fruit trees with fruiting shrub(s), fertility bush, herbs, flowers, ground covers – upto four layers.


    Standard Forest Garden

    The standard edible forest garden will be for those with a large garden/allotment , ~For more in-depth information on forest gardens visit our info pages here….. or at the

  • Large Forest Garden

    Up to 1 acre in size. A large space with all 7 layers of planting possible. Lots of vigorous groundcovers. Perhaps a lower diversity than the standard forest garden, in the lower layers. Suitable for larger nut trees and standard/half-standard fruit trees. ~We can provide a range of services from advice through to planting and implementation, and training for forest gardens of all sizes. But at this size what we recommend a package.