We offer an extensive range of bespoke ecological solutions. These are offered in four main sections: food production, water, systems, animal systems and waste & fertility. We have analysed these solutions for their suitability for different sites, from small gardens to yards and roof gardens through to hospitals and parks.
Our design service will help you to decide which of these solutions is right for you and meets you or your groups needs: whether it’s transforming unused public greenspace into a community orchard or creating a highly intensive garden in a yard. We offer support, training and resources for all of our solutions and client, to help ensure your new system will flourish.

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  • distributed orchard graphic

    Distributed Community Orchard

    One or two trees planted in a number of private gardens in the same street or nearby streets that will collectively behave and can be managed as a single community orchard. Pick, process and store as a neighbourhood or community group. ~We work with community groups like Tenants and Residents Associations offering a bespoke package of services and training to facilitate the development of distributed community orchards in your neighbourhood.


    Community Orchard

    Public land redefined as a place for celebration and local events by planting groups of fruit trees in parks or public greenspace. Community orchards are a great place to hold Apple Day celebrations that have been taking place since 1990. ~We offer a complete service from consultation to project management through to aftercare and maintenance. As part of that we offer participatory planting days and follow up training eg. pruning sessions. All trees supplied will be pruned to facilitate picking and mowing e.g. half-standards. ~We work with: Community Forestry Teams, Friends of Groups and other community groups looking for fruit tree planting schemes. ~Click here for our aftercare resource pack….

  • holistic home orchard

    Holistic Home Orchard

    Edible Cities offers a holistic home orchard design service including advise about where to locate fruit trees in your garden and how to look after them. We specialise in disease resistant varieties suitable for planting in the North. Using integrated pest management and new biological technologies to reduce need for spraying. We can cater for wet sites.